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There is no way we could have brought this beautiful creation into being without the talent, skill, and heart of our writer and editor Kim Dietrich. She is the absolute BEST! She hears nuances and turns experiences and energies into magic through words.
Kim makes us look so good – there is no one I would trust more to tell a story!

Christine McIver, Owner & CEO of Inspired Choices Network, Author of
Light from the Shadows: Enriching the Lives of Others

Creating a book that comes from the heart isn’t an easy thing to do, and
I am truly grateful for the way Kim supported me as my editor. The way she sees and feels how words should come together is a real gift, one that helped to bring my book and my story to life. Kim’s expertise and encouragement provided the perfect guidance to move my book to completion and I am so glad she was part of my writing and publishing journey.

Danielle Steiert Jamieson, School Principal, Sun West School Division

Author of Healing in the Halls

Kim has made incredible contributions to our Digital Executive Social Media program. She is such a talented writer – resourceful, quick to grasp new concepts and skilled not only at pinning down the voice of those she writes for, but also at understanding their mission and motivation as well. She gives the best updates and pays such close attention to detail that she saves time all-around.
Her writing is beautiful – done on time, edited, polished and professional. It is such a pleasure to work with her. We are so lucky to have her on our team helping us and our clients! We need more writers like Kim – she just gets it.

It takes true brilliance to put the rambling concepts of who I am and what I want my brand to say on paper – and Kim did that for me. In my past when I ran a marketing agency and published a magazine, I worked with scores of writers, editors, and virtual assistants….this is not my first business and not my first rodeo – and
I am not blowing smoke when I say that not only is Kim a highly skilled writer, but she truly has a gift for writing in someone else’s voice.

If you are looking for someone who can listen to your words and craft them into a cohesive message that others can hear, then connect with Kim. She supports me by creating consistent messaging from my weekly live radio show that extends the episodes beyond just a one-hour show. She digests the gist of the entire show and brings forward the parts that are appealing to others. Since beginning to work with Kim, my show’s viewership has increased and my brand presence has been consistent and attractive.

One of the best business decisions I’ve made was to start working with Kim Dietrich! She has been managing and creating content for my social media accounts for almost a year now and her work is exceptional.
I love her ability to capture my voice and my thoughts to create content that matches both me and my business perfectly. Knowing that I can depend on Kim to consistently create engaging, high-quality social media posts has relieved me of a huge amount of stress. It allows me to spend more time doing what I’m best at – being with my clients.

I have turned to Kim on many occasions over the past two years for assistance with writing and editing marketing materials for my Gut Instincts Nutrition Counselling business.
She has an accomplished vocabulary, an excellent eye for detail and a high level of efficiency, making her an absolute pleasure to work with. Despite the fact that my field is not her primary area of expertise, she is always able to fully understand my needs and meet them to my satisfaction.
I highly recommend her!

It was a pleasure to have Kim work on my book as a developmental editor. She was easy to work with and provided great recommendations about how to reorganize my manuscript so it would make sense to readers. She responded to all my questions promptly, finished the project on time, and
I am very happy with the finished product. I highly recommend her editing services to any non-fiction author.

I have been working with Kim for almost a year to create a cohesive and memorable brand collateral and social media presence for my podcast, ‘Big Fat Lies’ which is all about the unconscious lies that stop people from experiencing deep happiness, being rewarded financially for their work and fulfilling their life purpose.
Kim has been able to intuit the nuance of my message and work with me to present a cohesive brand image and message that is getting noticed by people I consider superior in the transformational leadership space. Kim is respectful, reliable and a true asset to my business.
If you are considering working with Kim, I recommend her highly.